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JA1505 Mastering SOA and JEE Web Services
Duration5 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor Led, Hands-on Workshops
Public Price$2750.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

Geared for experienced developers, Mastering SOA and JEE Web Services Developers Workshop is a five day, labintensive SOA and Web Services training course that introduces developers to the fundamentals of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and the core standards that enable Web Services. This course focuses on what separates an ad hoc set of web services (NOT SOA) from a managed, vibrant, reusable catalog of enterprise services (definitely SOA). It provides an overview of the entire spectrum from the promise of cloud computing to the grit of XML content. The course presents a clear portrait of how a service orientation can fundamentally change the dynamics of how software is developed and "lives" within an enterprise.

This lab-intensive course provides students with hands-on experience with implementations of the Java XML and Web Service APIs including JAXP, JAXB, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, WSEE, and XWSS. In terms of Java, the focus is on using the JAX-WS, JAX-RS, and JAXB APIs and implementations as the basic for generating and deploying web services and service clients. SOA and Web Services represent a groundbreaking evolution in distributed computing. The concepts are not altogether new, but the application of them, and the unanimous acceptance of core standards like HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL, and the various WS-* policies, has paved the way for XML Web Services and service oriented architectures. An overreaching concern related to services is security.

Various aspects of security are woven into this course, allowing students to see the entire spectrum of issues as well as solutions. These include encryption, digital signatures, authentication and authorization assertions, and recognized application security issues such as Cross-Site Scripting and Injection attacks.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

This is an intermediate and beyond level web services training course, designed for JEE developers and architects who need to identify, design, and implement web services. We will explore and apply the terminology, the specification, the processes and technologies specific to web services.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

Today's development environments are increasingly dominated by sophisticated tooling that makes the initial development of web services less arduous. The production-level implementation, deployment, and maintenance of web services are far more complex and demanding.

Mastering SOA and JEE Web Services focuses on providing an understanding of the fundamental technologies used in web services. This understanding is critical to being able to diagnose, troubleshoot, tune, and perform other lifecycle activities.

Students will leave the course armed with the required skills to design, implement, test, and support JEE web services.

  • Working in a dynamic, interactive discussion and hands-on programming environment, developers will be able to:
  • Understand and apply the basic concepts of SOA to the identification and design of web services
  • Understand and intelligently discuss Web Services and the core technologies involved
  • Understand and apply the basic concepts of SOA to the identification and design of web services
  • Appreciate the concept of layered services including orchestration
  • Understand and intelligently discuss Web Services and the core technologies involved
  • Design, develop, and deploy real-world JEE Web Services
  • Expose existing Java components as XML Web Services
  • Write Java components that access remote Web Services hosted by a third party
  • Read and understand a WSDL document
  • Parse, process, and respond to a SOAP message
  • Understand the concepts behind REST and implement a REST-based web service
  • Use JAX-RS as the basis for implementing RESTful services in Java
  • Implement handlers to inject cross-cutting solutions for security, logging, auditing, and other needs
  • Work with WS-Security to protect content, resources, and other assets
  • Understand and utilize web service-related design patterns

Prior to digging into the technical aspects of web services, students are given an introduction to Service-Oriented Architectures, providing a broad context for the purpose and goals for identifying and implementing web services.

Students will explore at the current state of the art of Web services, what works and what doesn’t work, and also at newer standards, and how they fit into the Web services picture. Web services are still evolving rapidly, and this course will give you a thorough understanding of the current Web services architecture, and the technologies that support Web services including:

  • SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol - A remote invocation (RPC) and messaging mechanism.
  • WSDL – Web Services Description Language – An XML language that describes the interface and semantics of a Web service.
  • REST- Representational State Transfer - A style of implementing web services that is gaining increasing acceptance and use
  • WS-I –Web Services Interoperability Profiles
  • WS-Security/XWSS – Web Services Security
  • JAX-WS – Accessing Web services using Java
  • JAX-RS – Exposing functionality in a RESTful fashion
  • JAXB – Used for binding XML to Java, increasing interoperability between the two

The course provides a solid foundation in basic terminology and concepts, extended and built upon throughout the engagement. Processes and best practices are discussed and illustrated through both discussions and group activities. Attending students will be led through a series of advanced topics comprised of integrated lectures, extensive hands-on lab exercises, group discussions and comprehensive demonstrations.

TOPICS (Return to Top)
  • Introduction to SOA
    • SOA Overview
    • SOA: The Business Proposition
    • SOA: An Architectural Perspective
    • SOA: A Development Perspective
  • SOA in Depth
    • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • SOA Analysis and Design
    • Service-Oriented Analysis and Design Review
  • Path to Useful Web Services
    • Web Services Overview
    • Web Services, Java, and JEE
    • Web Services Quickstart
  • Foundation - XML and Java
    • XML, Namespaces, & Schema
    • XML in Java - JAXP and JAXB
  • Binding – SOAP/REST
    • SOAP Overview
    • SOAP in Detail
    • REST
    • Designing RESTful Services
    • Implementing REST with JAX-RS
  • Description - WSDL
    • WSDL
  • Web Services in Java – JAX-WS
    • JAX-WS Overview
    • Working with JAX-WS
    • Handlers
  • Advanced Web Services Topics
    • Web Services for JEE (WSEE)
  • Discovery
    • Discovery Overview
  • Security - WS-Security and Defenses
    • XML Signature and Encryption
    • WS-Security
    • Securing Untrusted Input
  • Best Practices
    • SOA Best Practices
    • SOA Patterns
    • SOA Anti-Patterns


Students should have 1-2 years of working knowledge with Servlets and JSPs, and should be familiar with XML, Namespaces, and XML Schema.