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WL1010 Developing Web Applications using WebLogic 8.1
Duration3 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor Led, Hands-on Workshops
Public Price$1650.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

This course provides hands-on experience building enterprise applications using all the BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 products. BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 is the development environment. This training prepares you to immediately contribute to sophisticated J2EE development projects.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

This course is intended for Java developers who need to develop J2EE applications using WebLogic Workshop.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Learn to use the WebLogic Workshop 8.1 tool to develop J2EE applications
  • Rapidly develop and deploy enterprise applications
  • Build enterprise-class Web services and J2EE-based applications
  • Integrate Web applications with packaged applications and legacy systems
  • Develop automated, asynchronous workflows that contain complex logic and human interaction
  • Construct interactive portals for accessing data, processes and applications
  • Test and debug applications in BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1
  • Manipulate XML data with XQuery and XMLBeans

TOPICS (Return to Top)
  • Course Introduction
  • BEA WebLogic Introduction
  • WebLogic Workshop
  • Developing Web Applications
  • Page Flows
  • Web Services
  • Java Controls
  • Application Deployment
  • XML Beans


Java programming background is essential, J2EE experience is not essential. This course focuses on teaching the web development experience using WebLogic Workshop.