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DB3011 DB2 for z/OS Database Recovery and Advanced Utilities
Duration3 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor Led, Hands-on workshops
Public Price$1920.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

The course provides detail guidance information for all personnel who will be participating in the Recovery of DB2 for z/OS Databases and Applications. Recovery detail includes Unit of Work Recovery, Current point in time and prior point in time recovery, Recovery analysis, Recovery from I/O errors, out of space conditions, building and implementing DB2 Recovery related utilities. Both data sharing and non-data sharing recovery considerations are covered.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

DB2 Database and System Administrators who will be managing and recovering DB2 Databases.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the DB2 Recovery Environment
  • Develop and implement Backup and Recovery procedures
  • Analyze failures and identify what type of recovery procedure is appropriate
  • Perform media recovery of their database objects
  • Perform prior-point-in-time recovery
  • Display a working knowledge of the DB2 stand-alone utilities

TOPICS (Return to Top)

  • DB2 Recovery Environment Overview
  • DB2 Recovery Related Commands
  • Preparing for Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • Stand-alone Utilities
  • Unloading Data
  • Recovery Scenarios Unique to a Data Sharing Environment


DB3010 DB2 for z/OS Database Administration or equivalent experience. A basic understanding of DB2 for z/OS utilities is assumed.