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Why Should Employee-Owned Matter to You?

For you, training with Themis means you'll work closely with people committed to your success through your improved job performance. As company owners, our people are vested in this commitment.
  • We know it contributes to your success, and we know it means our own.

  • We know it's important, and we know we can't do without it.

This is why we live the commitment each and every day. We think it's why our student evaluations and client reviews are nothing short of exceptional. We also think it's why 80% of those we train, we've trained before.

We're an employee-owned company. Always have been. Always will be. For our clients and students, we think this is a very good thing.

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Internationally-Recognized Instructors

Across the board, Themis instructors excel at programming, design and systems support. They were early adopters of new releases of software.

More than 18 years of technical development is the norm for our instructors, and because of the communications skills required of a successful developer, it's not surprising they discovered they were born to teach.

Here's more news about our instructors:
  • They write the courseware, which is updated regularly with fresh, real-world examples.
  • They add new skills regularly, keeping them right up to speed with today's rapidly expanding knowledge base.
  • They travel extensively, rarely letting little things like blizzards keep them from a classroom assignment. They hate cancelled classes as much as you do.
We in the office do our best to simplify our instructors' administrative burden so their students see teachers with only education on their minds. They're not too fond of administrivia — they were born to teach.

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Personal Account Executives

Themis Account Executives not only manage their client and student training development and options, they also build consortium and local training programs.

They work closely with our instructors so that they understand our courses and how they fit with client and student training needs.

And they're experienced. Well-experienced. That helps them understand training from the perspectives of a coordinator, student, and instructor.

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Meet John Caccavale

John Caccavale was recently appointed Vice President of Themis. He's been with us since the beginning, over 18 years ago.

John is well-known for service to his clients, maintaining those relationships throughout the years. He is a key reason why those we've trained, we've trained before. He's also well-known for helping to determine client training needs and then matching those needs with our instructors and course offerings.
John and his wife, Elena, live in New Jersey and have three sons, Kyle, age 11, Matthew, age 8, and John, age 7.

Support for User Groups

We believe in supporting user groups nationwide. They help improve member job performance, provide members with a support network, and build member expertise, the kind needed for real-world achievement.

And we turn that belief into reality, providing user groups with access to our Internationally-Recognized instructors for presentations and consultation. Plus, it's not uncommon to see Themis represented at user group meetings, a vital form of support in its own right. For information on how Themis can help your user group, contact:
John Caccavale
Vice President
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Company Philosophy
We're a people company. Employee-owned. Committed to your training. Vested in your success. And Different.

In fact, we look different the first time you call our office. A person, not a computer, answers the phone. No automated list of options. No voice mail. We have an answering service used only after hours.

When you call, you're quickly connected to an Account Executive, who is likely a Themis owner.

If you need information, your Account Executive will have it and can put it in front of you right when you need it, by fax or email...during your call, if you like.

For more complex questions, we can put you in touch with the appropriate instructor.

A major factor in our success is repeat business. And we don't just say that. We live it.