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As IT training coordinator, manager, or student, you trust your future to those who do your training.  We understand that. That's why our personalized services help you work smarter and save money.

  On-Site Training

Want job performance improved immediately?

Nothing comes closer than our on-site training program when Themis instructors come to your workplace.  They teach;  the students learn.  And then the students apply what they learn right there on the job.  Immediately.

On-site savings options

For on-site training, you can save dollars in a variety of ways.
For example, take advantage of our volume or prepayment savings plans.
  • Volume savings are based on the number of on-site classes held at your company.  The savings increase as other classes are held.
  • And, take advantage of prepayment savings as well.  Prepay for classes and you'll save.  Just how much you save depends on the number of classes held.
  • To save more, combine both the volume and prepayment plans.
On-site means no travel time and expense.

Plus, with on-site training, students are where they need to be, at the office.  And because they're at the office, learning on the job and then applying that learning, there's no need to incur travel time and expenses.

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  Public Class Training

Classes offered throughout the nation

Over our 17 year history, we've taught more than 90,000 students during more than 350,000 training hours for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.  Many of those students completed public classes.

If you look at our schedule, you'll see that we offer public classes throughout the nation.  Plus, your Themis Account Executive can build public classes in your locale so you can attend.

Instructors with real world experience

Of course, trust in the training from your Themis instructors.  On average they bring more than 18 years of "real-world" experience to your classes.  They also write the courseware.  And trust in this as well, they're born to teach.  To them teaching's a commitment.  Nothing less.  Their student evaluations testify to that.

For savings on public classes, you can take advantage of our new Themis Savings Card where the more you learn, the more you save.  Or save with volume, prepayment, and host-site discounts.  Enroll on-line and you'll save there, too.

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  Consortium Training

Hassle-free, cross-organization training in your town

Over the years we've organized consortium training programs in 25 cities nationwide.  And our clients have realized savings up to 50% per student per training session.  Here's how the program works.
  • Your personal Themis Account Executive acts as the "point" person for the program, making it hassle-free for you.
  • Once aware of your training needs, your Account Executive contacts IT professionals (prospective students) from different companies in your region and then coordinates the training.
  • Your Account Executive organizes and tailors the schedule to meet the common needs of the students.
  • Your Account Executive coordinates communications with your Themis instructor(s), making absolutely certain everyone involved in the training is on the same page.
In short, your Account Executive initiates, implements, and manages the entire process.  The end result is your save time, travel and money, while still gaining the well-recognized and documented benefits of Themis training.

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  Local Training

Why travel?  Your Themis Account Executive will organize a class close to where you work, saving you travel, time and money.

Once you tell us of other companies in your area who may have a training need, we'll put together a class for those interested.  We'll also find the training location.

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When you provide us with a training room and allow us to place other IT professionals in the class, we'll say "thank you" with free seats.  You'll get one free seat for a lecture-only class and 2 free seats for a hands-on class.

You can expect to save up to $2,475.00 per free seat.

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  Immersion Training

Get up to speed - fast!

Deep learning in a short period of time.  That describes our Immersion Training Program, a kind of fast track for getting IT professionals up-to-speed.  Here's how the program works.
  • Your personal Themis Account Executive again acts as your "point" person, organizing the program and communicating with your Themis instructor before, during and after the training.
  • We ask that a mentor be assigned from your company prior to the training.  The mentor works closely with your Themis instructor in all phases of the training, including curriculum development, evaluating student progress, determining who needs additional help, providing reinforcement and support between the training sessions, and relating course elements to the company's business.
  • Once aware of your training needs, your Account Executive, instructor and mentor develop a curriculum customized to those needs.  Generally, the curriculum runs from 6 to 12 weeks, and courses include overviews of technical standards, business writing, and time management.  More technical topics incorporate data & file structure, testing, and structured programming & modular design.
Our client companies using immersion training have realized impressive ROI's through a low turnover rate and the improved job performance efficiencies of new programmers.

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  Short Notice Training

Give us one week or less, and we'll arrange and conduct your training.  It's for those critical, project-driven IT challenges requiring immediate skill enhancement.

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  Savings Plans

There are 4 savings plans for you to save on training costs.
  • The Themis Savings Card - The more you learn, the more you save.  Pay a one time fee of $8,995.00 and take as many Themis public classes as you want over a 12 month period.
  • Volume - Save money based on multiple enrollments for the same class.  The savings begin with the third student enrolled in the same class by the same purchaser.
  • Prepayment - Pay in advance and receive savings on the amount prepaid for a block of seats.  When a company prepays for a block of public seats, the seat use is up to the purchaser.  The company can place as many or as few students as needed in any public class.
  • Host-Site - Free seats for IT professionals when you provide the training room and allow us to  place other professionals in the class.  You'll receive one free seat for a lecture-only class and 2 free seats for a hands-on class.
For public classes, you save through all 4 plans.  For on-site classes, you save through volume and prepayment.  And yes, for your on-site classes, you can combine both volume and prepayment savings.

We understand the importance of trusting those who do your training.  You trust them to give the best in teaching and the finest in service.  On behalf of our clients and students, we've lived according to that trust throughout our 23 year training history.  And we live according to it today.

With Themis training and services, trust that you'll work smarter and save money within budget.  You have our word on it.

Thank you for reading about our training services.

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