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To us, student evaluations are one of the most important influences helping to shape our training policies and decisions. We treat them seriously and pay them rigorous attention.

The Evaluation Process
Students complete our 27-point evaluation form after each class. The evaluation forms are meant to seek objective student responses about the following:
  • Instructor ability and performance, including real-world expertise and communication skills

  • Course content, with emphasis on how that content will help in job performance

  • Course materials, with emphasis on their value to future on-the-job reference
The completed forms are then sent on to our home office for review by the President, the Account Executive, and the instructor. Their reviews act as guidelines for determining instructor, course content and course material improvements.

Overview of a Year of Training

The evaluation data are analyzed regularly to provide a precise and complete picture of how much students value Themis training and areas for improvement. This analysis includes responses to both closed- and open-ended statements and questions.

We use a 1- to 5-point Likert scale for many statements (1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree). Averages per instructor, course content and course materials per statement are then computed, with a running tally compiled for each class and cumulatively for all classes.

For example, during this timeframe and on a scale of 1 to 5, Themis instructors averaged better than 4.50 on statements pertaining to their expertise and communications skills. We understand the importance of student evaluations, and this is why we apply rigor to their reviews and analysis.
What Students and Clients Have to Say About Themis Training

Unlike some other training vendors, as a company policy, we only publish testimonials when we receive exclusive permission to do so from their authors. The following quotes are simply meant to give you a third-party perspective of how others value our training.

About Themis Instructors and Materials - Born to Teach

"Tom was a real subject matter expert in MQ with a great deal of real world, practical experience. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn MQ."

Vish Daivangaperumal, State Teachers of Ohio

Jim made the course extremely interesting by integrating his knowledge with the course material to show real life situations. He strongly recommended we know items for future reference...so we knew what to keep on top of with the mass of information supplied during the week."

Steve Sazin, State Street

"This class was one of the best I have taken in my professional career."

Howard Shapiro, Anixter, in reference to a DB2 UDB for z/OS & OS/390 SQL & Application Programming class.

"Great class! Great Instructor! I can't say enough about the level and quality of this course and the material."

George Willard, Information IT Consultant
State of Maine Bureau of Information Services

"The class was very informative. The materials were easy to use. The instructor did a great job of presenting the material."

Deanne Upshaw, Student
Department of Defense

"He is a natural teacher as well as a subject matter expert. He not only understood and answered the questions being asked - he understood why the questions were asked and gave additional information.

He treated every student with respect and went out of his way to provide other resources for us. One example of this is the fact that he produced a CD for me with the IBM Redbooks relating to a question I asked in class."

Barbara L. Klein, Manager, Education and Development
MIB, Inc.

"Instructor is excellent. I'm going to take him up on his remarkable offer to respond to my questions by email."

Tim Cundiff, Student

About Themis Training Reports - Only Available from Themis

"Thanks for the nice summary. I saw the original feedback form, but your tidy presentation made the results all the more striking. Many thanks to you and instructor Jim Gemza for this extraordinary performance."

Name Withheld By Request
Fortune 500 Company

"I really appreciate the roll-up and especially the graph. They help me get a very quick understanding of how the class went overall. At every conference that I attend and present, I mention that you're the only vendor providing this service."

Richard O'Coin
Training Director

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