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PM4035 Effecting Organizational Change
Duration2 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Public Price$1125.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

Organizations change incrementally every day, and not always in a positive direction. To effect a positive organizational change, leaders must first decide where they want the organization to be, and then what is the best way to get it there.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

Anyone who is interested in or will be participating in an organizational change can benefit from this class. Therefore, this course would be appropriate for executives, senior managers, supervisors, team leaders and any personnel in both profit and non-profit organizations.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the various organizational structures and the pluses and minuses of each.
  • Recognize how organizations veer off course
  • Understand the change process
  • Determine what changes are necessary in the organization
  • Develop optimal interventions for implementing change
  • Create and use an effective change management plan
  • Monitor the change process and correct as necessary
  • Maintain change once it has been introduced
  • Solve implementation issues with conflict resolution techniques
  • Effectively communicate about change

TOPICS (Return to Top)
  • Introduction
  • Workshop Overview
  • Planning Organizational Change
  • Implementing Organizational Change
  • Overcoming Difficult Implementation Situations
  • Ongoing Improvement Process
  • Summary, Conclusion and Wrap-Up