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WM1015 Web Application Support
Duration5 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor led, Hands-on workshops
Public Price$2750.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

This course provides a gentle introduction to modern programming and web technologies to those who have a mainframe programming background. The course starts out by explaining the motivation for moving from mainframe to client-server systems, and then to the scalable web based applications being used today. Along the way, the course explains many related technologies in an easy to understand manner, such as, what is internet and the different protocols used over it e.g., IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, how web browsers work, what is a web server and how it is created. The course then introduces creating simple web pages using HTML, and lightly introduces scripting (VBScript and Javascript) to allow for client-side validation and animation of web pages. The motivation for server-side processing is given by the need to access databases and exchanging data with other web servers. A brief introduction to server-side technologies such as CGI, ASP, JSP and ASP.Net is provided. Related programming in Java and .Net languages (VB.Net, C#) is lightly introduced. The course then introduces how to access databases, provides an overview of SQL language and examples to access and display database data on the web pages. Then motivation for reliable exchange of data between web applications is developed and XML is introduced to accomplish this goal. Finally the security, scalability and testing issues for web applications are explained in a simple easy to understand manner along with simple examples.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

Individuals wanting to gain a good overall understanding of modern programming and web applications, so that one can understand the technology and is able to effectively maintain a modern web application.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

To introduce modern software technologies to individuals with a mainframe background in an easy to understand manner, by providing short simple examples along with each concept. The goal is not to make some one a programmer, but give enough insight so that they can maintain modern applications.

TOPICS (Return to Top)
  • Mainframe to Client-Server Applications to Web Applications
  • Web Fundamentals
  • Creating Simple Web Pages
  • Overview of Modern Programming Languages
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Modern Operating Systems
  • Web Applications - Client-Side Scripting - VBScript
  • Web Applications - Client-Side Scripting - JavaScript
  • Web Applications - Server-Side Scripting
  • Web Applications - Application and Session Objects
  • Scalability in Web Applications - Middleware
  • Using Databases in Web Applications
  • Brief Overview of .Net Development for Web Applications
  • XML Fundamentals
  • Testing and Maintenance of Existing Web Applications
  • Web Services, SOAP and SOA
  • Future Web Technologies
  • What Next to Learn


Familiarity with the use of Windows operating system.Some knowledge of programming (any language) is helpful but not required.