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CO1020 Advanced COBOL Programming
Duration5 Days
Delivery MethodInstructor Led, Hands-on workshops
Public Price$2475.00

DESCRIPTION (Return to Top)

This course provides application developers with more complex knowledge in developing COBOL programs in a mainframe environment. Time is spent in more difficult programming workshops using both VSAM and sequential file processing, 2 dimensional arrays, internal sorting, COBOL sub programs and intrinsic functions. Much of the time is spent on hands on workshops writing and testing programs.

AUDIENCE (Return to Top)

Application programmers who want to learn more COBOL.

OBJECTIVES (Return to Top)

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and practices of working with sequential and VSAM files
  • Be able to code COBOL programs which utilize files
  • Be able to code COBOL programs with 1 and 2 dimensional arrays
  • Understand and code COBOL programs using SORT/MERGE
  • Understand how to work with COBOL called programs
  • Understand how to work with COBOL variable length files
  • Understand VSAM primary and alternate key processing
  • Better understand more in depth testing and debugging
  • Know how to code many of COBOL’s intrinsic functions

TOPICS (Return to Top)
  • Testing and Debugging
  • COBOL system and user abends
  • Review of Reporting
  • COBOL called sub programs
  • COBOL table handling
  • VSAM creates – primary key and alternate keys
  • COBOL programming for VSAM files
  • COBOL intrinsic functions
  • COBOL programming with variable length record files
  • How to use the sort/merge feature


Students MUST be familiar with z/OS JCL, TSO/ISPF and z/OS Utilities and a programming background is preferred. Students MUST have taken CO1010 course, Introduction to COBOL Programming or have comparable experience.