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Immersion Training: aka "Boot Camp"

This type of training provides a series of classes designed to
bring your group up to speed on a specific technology area.

Group work

Immersion Training

Get up to speed - fast!

Deep learning in a short period of time. That describes our Immersion Training Program, a kind of fast track for getting IT professionals up-to-speed. Here's how the program works.
  • Your personal Themis Account Executive again acts as your "point" person, organizing the program and communicating with your Themis instructor before, during and after the training.
  • We ask that a mentor be assigned from your company prior to the training. The mentor works closely with your Themis instructor in all phases of the training, including curriculum development, evaluating student progress, determining who needs additional help, providing reinforcement and support between the training sessions, and relating course elements to the company's business.
  • Once aware of your training needs, your Account Executive, instructor and mentor develop a curriculum customized to those needs. Generally, these programs run for 6 to 12 weeks, with courses that include the technical topics you need, such as programming language syntax, structure, design guidelines and best prectices; database and file structure; testing and debugging. Other skills training is also often included, such as overviews of technical standards, business writing, and time management.
Our client companies using immersion training have realized impressive ROI through a low turnover rate and improved job performance efficiencies of new programmers.

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