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z/OS System Programming

z/OS System
z/OS Systems Programming FundamentalsMF1070
z/OS System Operation and FacilitiesMF3010
z/OS InternalsMF5010
z/OS Systems Installation and CustomizationMF5065
z/OS Performance and TuningMF5070
z/OS Dumps and Debugging WorkshopMF5090
HCD and IODF FundamentalsMF5040
Understanding Workload Manager (WLM)MF5060
z/OS Boot CampMF4000
z/Series Hardware Management Console OperationsMF1090
TCP/IP Diagnostics and Debugging on z/OSMF5095
JES2 Facilities and OperationsMF1075
JES2 Commands and Messages for OperatorsMF1076
JES2 For Systems ProgrammersMF1078
Parallel Sysplex
z/OS Parallel Sysplex OverviewMF5035
Parallel Sysplex Overview & ConceptsMF5036
z/OS Parallel Sysplex - Managing PerformanceMF5037
Parallel Sysplex Advanced Operations & RecoveryMF5038
SMP/E FundamentalsMF5020
Developing Effective RACF Administration SkillsRF1000
Assembler Language Programming EssentialsMF1030
Advanced Assembler Language ProgrammingMF1031
Assembler Dump Reading & DebuggingMF1035