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Web Application Development Training

Front-End Development

HTML5 Training for ManagersHT1030
HTML5 and CSS3 Introduction for ProgrammersHT1000
Advanced CSS3 DevelopmentHT1040
Introduction to Modern JavaScript DevelopmentJA1089
Intermediate JavaScriptJA1091
Advanced JavaScriptJA1092
Using jQuery to Simplify JavaScript ProgrammingJA1065
Beginning Modern JavaScript Development with Microservices, WebRTC, and ReactJA1094
Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using React.js and ES6JA1096
Advanced jQuery DevelopmentJQ1020
Single Page ApplicationsJA1070
Introduction to AngularAN1000
Advanced AngularAN1015
Comprehensive AngularAN1016
Introduction to BootstrapAN1030
Upgrading to Bootstrap 4 AN1031
Node.js Software DevelopmentJS2000
Beginning Vue.jsJS3000
Comprehensive Vue.jsJS3002
Introduction to ReactRE1000
React and JavaScriptRE1010
React and TypeScriptRE1011
React and Redux with JavaScriptRE1020
React and Redux with TypeScript RE1021

Automation Testing

Introduction to SeleniumAG1080
Testing with SeleniumAG1081

Web Services and SOA

Services Oriented Architecture Using WCF and WebApiWS6000
Developing SOAP Web Services in JavaWS1308
Securing J2EE Web ServicesWS1309
Developing RESTful Services in JavaWS1320


Introduction to Python ProgrammingPY1005
Advanced PythonPY1007
Python Data Analysis with NumPy and pandasPY1008


Introduction to Groovy for DevelopersGG1000
Introduction to GrailsGG1001


Introduction to Perl ScriptingPE1010
Introduction to Perl Scripting and ReferencesPE1015
Advanced Topics in Perl ProgrammingPE1020


Introduction to KotlinKO1000
Android Development in KotlinKO1100