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Db2 LUW Database Administration and Performance


Duration: 4.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: DB3016


Database Administrators and System Administrators.


This course makes your life as a Db2 LUW DBA more productive. Over four days, this course covers the roles of the DBA and the activities that are important to the success of Db2. A special emphasis is placed on performance topics. This class uses hands-on and paper exercises to reinforce the topics covered. This class is current to Db2 10.5.


  1. Object Management
    • Types of objects and their relationships
    • Test and production
    • Alter and migration
  2. Utilities
    • Loading data
    • Reorganizing tables and indexes
    • Other utilities
  3. Key System Parameters
    • Heaps, Servers, and Thresholds
    • Optimizing Sort performance
    • Using the snapshot monitor for system monitoring
  4. Buffer Pool Optimization Techniques
    • Types of physical I/O
    • A buffer pool tuning methodology
    • Number and size of buffer pools
    • Object placement
  5. Table Spaces Design
    • DMS, SMS & Automatic storage
    • Table design
    • Data compression
  6. Index Design
    • Index structure and MDC indexes
    • When to use indexes
    • An approach to index redesign
  7. Access Path Selection
    • Types of access paths
    • Range delimiting and sargable predicates
    • Factors used in access path selection
    • Db2 catalog statistics used
    • Join methods and subselects
  8. Evaluating SQL Performance
    • Explain tables, db2expln, db2exfmt
    • Monitoring using Db2 catalog information
    • Design Advisor
    • Event Monitors
  9. Security
    • Interfaces to OS security
    • Security administration
  10. Backup and Recovery
    • Recovery concepts
    • Backup strategies
    • Recovery planning
    • HADR