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November 21, 2019

CICS TS WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Implementation
by: Tom Dunlap

Did you know that you can integrate CICS access to your Java and web applications? IBM has implemented WebSphere Application Server / Liberty Profile (WAS/LP) within a CICS TS region. This makes CICS TS a premier application server as well as the transaction server we know and love. In this webinar, we will discuss how to get WAS/LP up and running within a CICS TS region. Once implemented, the WAS server may be enhanced to include support for functions like HTTP web server processing, Java Beans, Enterprise Java Beans, and atomic transaction processing. We will start with a brief overview of WAS and then jump quickly into the components and how they integrate with CICS TS. We will look at how to implement the WAS server for the first time and discuss the necessary changes a site will need to make in support of their applications. Next, we will discuss at least one method available for implementing an application in the WAS server as well as some performance and tuning options. Throughout the session, we will also provide some thoughts on-site configuration for ease of WAS application implementation and maintenance.