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Past Webinars

DateWebinar TitlePresenterPlay It Back
11/12/2020Java Unit Testing Made SimpleJohn Mullins Play Webinar
10/30/2020Dockerizing a Node.js Application and Deploying it...Eric Greene Play Webinar
07/24/2020IBM MQ API Performance ConsiderationsTom Dunlap Play Webinar
05/14/2020Accessing Databases from JavaJohn Mullins Play Webinar
05/07/2020Getting Started with JavaJohn Mullins Play Webinar
04/09/2020DB2 12 for z/OS FL504 Activation and Management!Linda Claussen Play Webinar
02/20/2020Mainframe Modernization OverviewTom Dunlap Play Webinar
12/12/2019What to Expect in Oracle 19c Performance Related E...John Mullins Play Webinar
11/21/2019CICS TS WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profi...Tom Dunlap Play Webinar
10/17/2019Db2 12 for z/OS Migration and Function Level Manag...David Simpson Play Webinar
09/19/2019Db2 12 for z/OS Migration and Function Level Manag...Linda Claussen Play Webinar
08/15/2019Favorite Db2 SQL Enhancements for DevelopersTony Andrews Play Webinar
07/25/2019Look Out, Oracle 19c is Here ! Don't Forget About ...John Mullins Play Webinar
06/19/2019Advanced Aggregate Functions in SQLDavid Simpson Play Webinar
04/18/2019Linux/Unix Spotlight: What can the grep and sed co...John Mullins Play Webinar
03/21/2019Relative Page Numbering on Db2 12 for z/OSDavid Simpson Play Webinar
01/17/2019Altering Tables with High Availability on Db2 for ...David Simpson Play Webinar
10/11/2018Oracle 18c New Feature Focus - Private Temporary T...John Mullins Play Webinar
09/27/2018Db2 User-Defined Functions (UDFs)David Simpson Play Webinar
07/19/2018Oracle 12c R2 Improvements to the Index Usage Trac...John Mullins Play Webinar
06/21/2018Using Db2 for z/OS Profile Tables Linda Claussen Play Webinar
05/10/2018CICS / MQ InterfaceTom Dunlap Play Webinar
04/12/2018DB2 Top Reasons for Poor SQL, Program, and Applica...Tony Andrews Play Webinar
03/22/2018Understanding IBM Websphere Compute GridGregg Lippa Play Webinar
02/15/2018Oracle Webinar Attendees Take Over - Q & AJohn Mullins Play Webinar
01/30/2018Access Path Stability on Db2 for z/OS - Best Pract...David Simpson Play Webinar
12/14/2017Oracle 12c New Feature Spotlight: Synchronous Refr...John Mullins Play Webinar
11/16/2017CICS/DB2 InterfaceTom Dunlap Play Webinar
10/11/2017Db2 SQL PL Array Parameters and VariablesTony Andrews Play Webinar
09/28/2017What do you mean the Oracle Optimizer will not use...John Mullins Play Webinar
08/24/2017CICS Transaction Dump AnalysisTom Dunlap Play Webinar
07/12/2017Using REXX with DB2David Simpson Play Webinar
06/01/2017Unit Testing in Java with JUnitGregg Lippa Play Webinar
05/04/2017MQ Publish and SubscribeTom Dunlap Play Webinar
04/27/2017Enhanced System-Period Temporal Tables on DB2 for ...Linda Claussen Play Webinar
04/20/2017Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices Part 2John Mullins Play Webinar
04/13/2017REXX Parse KeywordGerhard Adam Play Webinar
03/23/2017Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices Part 1John Mullins Play Webinar
03/08/2017New Features of Java 8Gregg Lippa Play Webinar
02/02/2017DB2 12 for z/OS, Continuous Delivery!Linda Claussen Play Webinar
01/05/2017DB2 SQL Tuning Tips for DevelopersTony Andrews Play Webinar
12/14/2016Influencing Oracle SQL Execution PlansJohn Mullins Play Webinar
11/09/2016Static SQL on DB2 for z/OS -Packages, Collections ...David Simpson Play Webinar
10/28/2016Working with CICS JCICS ApplicationsTom Dunlap Play Webinar
09/28/2016Modernizing Mainframe Development Using JavaGregg Lippa Play Webinar
08/17/2016Minimize your trips to DB2 for z/OS and reduced el...Linda Claussen Play Webinar
07/20/2016Digging Deep Into Oracle PL/SQL Compiler WarningsJohn Mullins Play Webinar
06/15/2016Enhanced Production Explain in DB2 11 for z/OSLinda Claussen Play Webinar
05/25/2016Five Oracle 12c SQL, PL/SQL New Features To Take A...John Mullins Play Webinar
05/04/2016CICS Storage Violations; what you were afraid to a...Tom Dunlap Play Webinar
04/27/2016DB2 SQL for the 21st Century Part 3David Simpson Play Webinar
03/24/201620 Essential Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Tuning TipsJohn Mullins Play Webinar
03/23/2016DB2 SQL for the 21st Century Part 2David Simpson Play Webinar
02/18/2016DB2 SQL for the 21st Century Part 1David Simpson Play Webinar
01/27/2016Developing Java Applications for z/OS Batch Execut...Gregg Lippa Play Webinar
12/17/2015Developer Best Practices for DB2 PerformanceTony Andrews Play Webinar
12/12/2015DB2Night Show Appearance - Implementing Expanded R...David Simpson Play Webinar
11/12/2015Troubleshooting Oracle PL/SQL with DBMS_PROFILER a...John Mullins Play Webinar
10/14/2015IBM MQ API Performance ConsiderationsTom Dunlap Play Webinar
09/16/2015IBM MQ ClusteringTom Dunlap Play Webinar
08/26/2015Interpreting Oracle Explain Plan OutputJohn Mullins Play Webinar
07/16/2015Native SQL PL Error Logging ChoicesLinda Claussen Play Webinar
06/24/2015What to Expect from DB2 11 for z/OSDavid Simpson Play Webinar
05/20/2015CICS TS Web Services OverviewTom Dunlap Play Webinar
04/22/2015Database Programming with JavaGregg Lippa Play Webinar
03/19/2015Powerful Oracle 12c SQL FeaturesJohn Mullins Play Webinar
06/04/2014Advanced SQL and the Power of Rewriting QueriesTony Andrews Play Webinar