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Introduction to z/OS Unix System Services


Duration: 5 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2950.00

Course Code: MF2002


System programmers and application programmers that require a better understanding of Unix System Services in the z/OS environment.


This course provides the fundamentals of z/OS Unix System Services to systems programmers and programmers that have a need to understand the basic operation and control of the USS environment in z/OS.


General knowledge of data processing.


  1. Unix Basics
    • Logon/Logoff and session management using otelnet
    • Overview of basic commands
    • Unix “man” command for help and documentation
  2. Unix File Management and Commands
    • File and directory commands
    • Understanding Unix permissions and ownership
    • Using the VI editor
  3. Unix Shell and Scripts
    • Unix shell functions
    • Using Unix shell scripts
  4. Unix Process Management
    • Process commands
    • Understanding the relationship between Unix processes and z/OS address spaces
    • Unix commands and z/OS commands for managing processes
  5. Unix Advanced Functions
    • Unix advanced commands, utilities, and tools
    • TCP/IP within the Unix environment
    • TCP/IP functional relationship between Unix System Services and z/OS
  6. Unix System Services and TSO
    • Using USS and TSO commands to move data
    • ISHELL functions
    • Accessing Unix System Services using OMVS facility
  7. Unix File System and z/OS
    • USS definitions and OMVS commands
    • HFS file system and considerations
    • zFS file system considerations and use