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Db2 for z/OS Security Administration


Duration: 1 Day

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on.

Price: $600.00

Course Code: DB3002


Db2 Security, Systems, and Database Administrators who require a comprehensive understanding of Db2 for z/OS Security.


Db2 for z/OS® security refers to the protection of sensitive data and system resources by controlling access to Db2 subsystems, objects, and other critical assets through authentication, authorization, and auditing. This course provides an overview of key Db2 security components and processes. Hands-on workshops are provided to explore and learn more about the basics of Db2 security in the z/OS environment.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the Db2 Security Solutions
  • Implement ID-based access control within Db2
  • Describe Subsystem access control requirements and options
  • Identify Privileges and authorities required by key personnel
  • Distinguish between test and production authorization requirements
  • Manage and Audit Administrative Authorities
  • Describe Multilevel security
  • Manage access through Roles and Trusted Context
  • Manage access through row permissions and column masks
  • Display a working knowledge of authorization exit routines
  • Display a working knowledge of data definition control
  • Are you General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR compliant
  • Audit access to Db2


Working knowledge of Db2.


  • I. Db2 Security Administration Overview
    • Db2 Security Overview
    • Access Control Options
    • Authorities required by key personnel
    • Test vs. Production Security Choices
    • Installation Security Choices
    • Separate Security using SECADM Authority
    • Security Control Install Parameters
    • Recommendations
    • Workshop #1
  • II. Managing ID-based Security with Db2 Facilities
    • Common Administrative Authorities
    • GRANT Explicit Privileges and Authorities
    • REVOKE Privileges and Authorities
    • Managing Administrative Authorities and Privileges
    • Test vs. Production Security Implementation
    • Catalog Information about Privileges
    • Auditing Access to Db2
    • Workshop #2
  • III. Using Db2 Extended Security Objects
    • Manage access through Roles and Trusted Context
    • Manage access through row permissions and column masks
    • Managing access through Data Definition Control
    • Using Multi-level security labels
    • Working with authorization exit routines
    • Workshop #3